Resonate welcomes new co-op executive Rich Jensen

As the platform adds services and engages more communities, the strategic coordination of the membership’s diverse talents, desires, and perspectives becomes ever more important.  We believe cooperative values of horizontality and transparency give Resonate urgent advantages for long-term success in the increasingly stressed environments where our contributors and supporters live. Leadership under these conditions succeeds by fostering healthy connections across diverse experiences, providing tools for navigation, and articulating the cooperative values that give Resonate its unique capacity to build upon and share the social power of music.

Earlier this year, Resonate Founder and CEO Peter Harris and his partner celebrated the birth of their second child.  Peter later offered the following message to Coop contributors, “having a second child this year sparked a lot of self-reflection. It became increasingly clear as 2019 evolved that balancing running a unique startup like Resonate and a growing family simply wasn’t compatible.”


Source: Resonate welcomes new co-op executive Rich Jensen – Resonate

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