Co-op Stack

The platform co-op stack is a set of tools that may be well-suited for platform co-op development.


Dev co-ops



  • Encode – aids in developing “for-purpose” enterprises
  • Kantree – “collaboration & work management platform” developed by Digicoop, a worker co-op
  • The Lean Marketplace – a guidebook for building platform marketplace communities
  • Loomio – open-source decision-making tool created by a worker cooperative

Hosting and servers

See the directory of Co-op Clouds

Incubator co-ops

  • Enspiral“a virtual and physical network of companies and professionals working together to create a thriving society”
  • Hackers/Founders Co-op – “coaches startup founders through a personalized 100+ item checklist. The agenda points founders toward product and pitch development to prepare them for fundraising”
  • Uptima Business Bootcamp“an innovative network of member-owned business accelerators dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with greater access to hands-on education, resources and community to create thriving businesses”
  • Work Hard PGH – “a #cooperative of digital workers. Our #coop supports businesses of all sizes by providing access to talent, capacity, & capital”

Platform platforms

  • Co-op Clouds page at The Internet of Ownership
  • CMNTY – “amplifies your ability to connect with people, create meaningful experiences and inspire interaction”
    • Used by
  • Drutopia – “Drupal distributions built cooperatively”
  • Noosfero – “A free web-based platform for social and solidarity economy networks”
  • Sharetribe – “The easiest way to create your own marketplace”