#PlatformCoop Connect

Here are some of the places where the #platformcoop community meets, talks, and builds. The first place to start is the Platform Cooperativism Consortium portal at platform.coop.

The PCC also publishes an occasional newsletter with valuable updates on the development of the ecosystem; subscribe here.

Email discussion

Hosted by the tech collective Riseup, there are two open platform co-op email lists:

  • platformcoop-announce, a low-volume, moderated list for news, announcements, and requests for help
  • platformcoop-discuss, a medium-volume, unmoderated discussion list, which also receives messages from platformcoop-announce

If you’re a technologist interested in worker-owned tech co-ops, you might also be interested in the International Co-operative Alliance’s Patio forum, the tech-coop list (in North America), or Cooperative Technologists (in the UK).


Share news on the Platform Cooperativism – Discussion & Linkshare Facebook group. On Twitter, follow @platformcoop and @internetowners. There’s even a subreddit, but not many people bother with that. There’s also a new group on Discord, Lean Co-op.

You can also join a social-media network you own and govern! Social.coop is an instance of Mastodon, a Twitter-like federated microblogging platform. When you become a member, you can be sure that your social media provider is accountable to you.

Learn more and consider joining at social.coop.

Use the #platformcoop hashtag wherever you do your hashtags. Everywhere you go, spread the word about the growing promise of an internet of ownership!