Here are some of the places where the #platformcoop community meets, talks, and builds.

Hosted by the tech collective Riseup, our email list is a medium-traffic gathering point for an international group of several hundred platform cooperativists. It’s a great place to share your project, ask for help, and discuss the ideas around platform cooperativism.

Learn more, read the archives, and join the list at

If you’re building a platform co-op project and want to chat with others doing the same, barn-raise with others in the Slack channel to collaborate on working out the technical, legal, and cultural ins and outs of building cooperative platforms. Invite yourself to the channel here:

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Join a social-media network you can own and govern! is an instance of Mastodon, a Twitter-like federated microblogging platform. When you become a member, you can be sure that your social media provider is accountable to you.

Learn more and consider joining at

Everywhere else
We’re talking about #platformcoop lots of other places, too. Use the hashtag wherever you do your hashtags. Follow @platformcoop and @internetowners and @BuyThisPlatform on Twitter, and join this and that Facebook group. There’s even a subreddit. Everywhere you go, spread the word about the growing promise of an internet of ownership!