Astra Taylor: What future for Twitter do we want?

Greetings fellow denizens of Twitter,

I’m Astra Taylor, a filmmaker, musician, activist, and writer. A few years ago I wrote a book called The People’s Platform, which looks at how the internet’s dominant, advertiser-driven business model concentrates wealth and power in the hands of a few at the expense of the rest of us. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has referred to the company as “the people’s news network”; sadly, that’s not really the case given its conventional corporate structure, but it could be true.

Two weeks from today, Twitter shareholders will vote on whether the company should study making it a real people’s platform. Between now and then, we need to make a lot of noise and show them that the people who make Twitter valuable want it to be run another way.

This week, the hashtag is #WeAreTwitter. We’re going to stir up questions including:

  • What future for Twitter would we like to build?
  • How would we deal with spam and abuse?
  • Who should Twitter serve, advertisers or users?
  • How might we attract responsible revenue to support our platform?

Help get #WeAreTwitter trending by sharing your vision in a tweet!

Next week, the hashtag will be #BuyTwitter. We’re going to take our righteous noise to the shareholders themselves.

See you on Twitter,

P.S., if you haven’t yet, explore the beautiful new website at, and read the shareholder proposal there, too!

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