After You #DeleteUber, Get a Co-op

Uber’s recent “strikebreaking” during New York protests against Trump’s anti-immigrant policies is nothing new. It’s only the latest feat of bad behavior for a company whose business model is built on sidestepping basic rights that workers have fought for for centuries. But Uber’s disruption has paved the way for a new generation of worker controlled taxi alternatives, alongside older ones. Here are examples from the Internet of Ownership directory for filling the missing spot in your soma drug smartphone. Some are co-ops, some share equity with drivers, some are union shops, some are managed by democratic municipalities, and some are just interesting concepts in development. Contribute and spread!

To add shared-ownership transportation platforms to this list, submit to the IoO directory. Thanks to Devin Balkind for setting up the AirTable.

If you want to add or explore things that aren’t in the IoO directory, use this pad:

Add items to the Etherpad here.

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