Upcoming: Internet of Ownership NYC Meetup 02/04

Last November, coinciding with the Platform Cooperativism Conference, we had the first NYC meetup for Internet of Ownership. At NEW INC, we heard Jen from Savvy and Greg from start.coop speak about their work and shared knowledge and experience around a range of topics from VC investment in coops to labor organization in tech.

Now, we’ve scheduled a second for Tuesday, February 04, which will kickoff a series of monthly recurring IoO meetups.

Each month we’ll host a guest to start a conversation that focuses on democratizing ownership and control in tech.

This month we’ll speak with Sylvia Morse of Up & Go. Up & Go is a home cleaning service that is cooperatively owned by professional home cleaners. But what sets it apart is its online booking platform. While many home cleaning coops have managed to launch, few have provided as competitive of a customer experience as Up & Go. 

Of course this didn’t come easy, and required grants from Robin Hood Foundation and Barclays bank. This will be a time to learn what financial resources it took to launch a competitive online booking platform, and how the cooperative is doing two years following its launch.

We’ll talk through lessons learned, from the launching of the coop, to the development of the technology, and all the maintenance that it takes today.

Take a look at their site here:


And learn more about them here:


We’ll start the event meeting and catching-up. Our guests will share some of their work and then have a discussion on the topic/issue they’re presenting.

Register for the event here: https://www.meetup.com/Internet-of-Ownership-NYC/events/267839089/

For more info on the Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/Internet-of-Ownership-NYC

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