The Internet of Ownership directory operates according to a series of taxonomic standards. These are a work in progress.

In general, entries in the directory should be meaningful participants in the platform cooperative ecosystem. This includes online platforms that share ownership and governance, as well as those that support such platforms.

The directory is subject to informal verification, based on public statements from and private correspondence with the organizations listed.


Each entry has only one type associated with it—the top-most of these that is applicable:

  • Co-op platform – Online platforms that profess the seven cooperative principles as defined by the ICA, sharing ownership and governance, and connecting users over the platform
  • Open company – According to the Open Company Initiative, open companies commit to “openness as a defining element in how we create value”; this often means no or low bar to entry for contributors, reward according to contributions, and participatory governance
  • Sharing platform – Online platforms that share ownership or governance among their users
  • Resource – Tool or organization that supports the development of co-op platforms and sharing platforms


A curated list of activities the organizations are involved in.