The Internet of Ownership directory operates according to a series of taxonomic standards. These are a work in progress.

In general, entries in the directory should be meaningful participants in the platform cooperative ecosystem. This includes online platforms that share ownership and governance, as well as those that support such platforms.

The directory is subject to informal verification, based on public statements from and private correspondence with the organizations listed.


Each entry has only one category associated with it, the top-most :

  • platform co-opICA-compliant co-ops that manage an online platform, sharing ownership and governance over it (like Stocksy United, a stock-photo platform owned by its hundreds of photographer-member-owners in dozens of countries around the world)
  • co-op-run platform ICA-compliant co-ops that manage and primarily do business through an online platform (like Loomio, a decision-making platform developed by a worker cooperative in New Zealand)
  • open platform – Enterprises consisting of open contributions, shared ownership, and participatory governance through an online platform (like Gratipay, which has no formal employees, just contributors paid for what they contribute)
  • shared platform – Enterprises that share some meaningful ownership or governance over an online platform (like Managed by Q, an investor-owned company that pays its worker-users in part with a portion of company equity)
  • supporter – Projects that lend support to the platform co-op ecosystem (like The Working World, a nonprofit organization that finances worker cooperatives)