Target audiences

  • Entrepreneurs and developers who want to build cooperative platforms and are looking to find resources and networks to help them
  • Users who are looking to take part in using cooperative platforms to meet their various needs

Features to consider

Features of a future site might include:

  • A directory of democratic online platforms and the supporting ecosystem
    • Allow platforms to control and update the content of their own entries
    • Integration with relevant external directories of co-ops (e.g., and platforms (e.g.,
    • Analytics to record traffic being directed to cooperative platforms
  • Forums for ecosystem participants to share knowledge
  • A wiki with resources
  • Microsites for regional ecosystems
  • News aggregator, possibly integrated with a democratic site like
  • Shared cloud tools for member organizations
  • Certification mechanism and working definition for platform co-ops
  • Integrated governance tool for federation members
  • Job posting board

Tools to consider

Models to consider

Here are some sites worth considering as potential models for what we’re doing here: