#WeAreTwitter #BuyTwitter

Twitter is up for sale. Big companies are circling around looking to buy. But what about us, Twitter users? We propose to explore turning one of the world’s most important platform utilities through democratic ownership. Read, spread, and organize! And visit the official campaign website.

Twitter shareholders:
to Study an Exit to Democratic User Ownership
(Proposal 4 in the 2017 docket)

This year, Twitter shareholders will have the option to vote for a modest but radical proposal—that the company should commission a report on the opportunities for conversion to more democratic ownership, possibly in the form of a cooperative. It’s a historic opportunity to rethink the nature of the platform utilities we rely on.

Browse this folder to read documents including the proposal itself, Twitter’s attempt to suppress it, and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ruling on the proposal’s behalf.

Share your vision

What would you do if you were a co-owner of Twitter? Share your ideas with the hashtags #WeAreTwitter and/or #BuyTwitter. While you’re at it, follow @BuyThisPlatform.

Read + Spread

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English, Deutsch, Francais, and Italiano; read the letter to Twitter in multiple languages


  • Loomio group – Loomio is an open-source decision-making platform created by a New Zealand-based worker cooperative. Since the Guardian article, this is where discussions have started to form around certain action items, and where decisions are being made about the initial directions of the effort. It’s an open group that anyone can sign up for.
  • Slack team – We’re using this for some more in-depth discussions and projects.
  • Separately, Johnny Haeusler called for starting a Google Doc on “If we owned Twitter,” where people are gathering ideas focused on how Twitter could be organized once under the control of its participants.
  • On December 16, 2016, we submitted this proposal to Twitter shareholders for studying the possibility of an exit to user ownership.

One of the most hopeful things about this campaign is that it’s a chance to flex our thinking and organizing around the ambitious idea of co-owning a major platform utility. Whatever becomes of Twitter, we can work in a way so that we’re better equipped for this kind of possibility in the future.

Questions? Write to the organizing team at info@wearetwitter.global.