Internet of Ownership Project Council Charter

Version: 1.0 – Ratified 2/28/18

The Internet of Ownership Project Spokescouncil (IOPC) is a consensus-based decision making body consisting of autonomous projects creating and sharing tools, data and other resources to advance the vision of platform cooperativism. All projects agree to comply with the spirit and letter of this charter. In exchange, they can access collectively owned resources controlled by the council.

The IOPC can mobilize a number of resources in support of member projects:

  • Funding: The IOPS manages a money pool it can allocate to projects.
  • Endorsements: We publish statements of support for project and can provide verification of claims and other oversight.
  • Promotion: We use collectively owned media properties to spread news and information about member projects.
  • Volunteers & In-kind Donations: We work together to productively mobilize volunteers to assist member projects.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship: We help member projects build relationships with US-based 501.c.3 nonprofits so they can receive tax-deductible donations and be in compliance with applicable regulations.


Projects must meet the following criteria to qualify to join the IOPC:

  • Advance platform cooperativism
  • Utilize and contribute back to free, libre and open source technologies and knowledge bases
  • Commit to publicly identifying as a member if requested by the IOPC.
  • Exhibit collaboration and coordination with other members of the IOPC.
  • Comply with all IOPC guidelines, documentation requirements and processes


All IOPC projects are required to maintain the following information:

  • Contact information for at least one active member who can represent the project at the council.
  • Profile information as outlined in the initial project application described in the application section.
  • Activity Log (related to initial goals and milestones)
  • Expenses in the format outlined in the expense template


Apply to the IOPC by filling out an application:

  • Project Name
  • Public Tagline
  • Public Description
  • Public Contact Information
  • Representatives Members
  • IOPC Sponsors and/or References
  • Budget URL
  • Resource URL


We go through the following process to accept new members:

  • IOPC members will review applications to see if they meet criteria. If so, the applicant may be invited to present or meet with IOPC members at the next available opportunity.
  • Projects receiving over 80% approval from the membership are accepted into the IOPC.
  • Rejected projects will receive feedback explaining the reasoning behind the IOPC decision.

Projects can be removed for the following reasons:

  • Persistent non-compliance with guidelines and process
  • Expiration of their membership
  • Voted out (80% consensus) by member projects


Once accepted, projects are invited to apply for funds from the IOPC by providing the information below:

  • Amount Requested
  • Timeline
  • Explanation
  • Point Person
  • Other Sources of Support

Funds are held, through fiscal sponsorship with Sarapis, in the paypal account.


Decisions on most IOPC business can be made on a rolling basis through the organization’s online decision-making tool. However, IOPC meetings over video conference should take place at least once a year, and can be requested at any time by members of the council.

Issues that can be addressed through the online decision-making tools and/or video conference include:

  • Accept/reject project applications and remove inactive/non-compliant projects
  • Updating this governance document
  • Evaluate budget requests and make decisions about funding member projects

The basic agenda structure for video conferences is:

  • Project report backs
  • Adding/removing projects
  • Proposals
  • Open discussion, collaboration and peer support

Agreed-upon procedural notes are:

  • Projects that miss three video conferences or online votes in a row will automatically have their access to network resources suspended until they are in compliance.
  • Consensus is defined as 80% agreement.
  • Quorum is defined as 2/3rd of member projects.
  • Any and all documented members of an IOPC’s project can join the meetings, participate in conversation and collaborate on shared documents.
  • IOPC projects choose which one of their members can make decisions for the group at the IOPC meeting.
  • People can only represent one IOPC project at a time. Founders of the IOPC can represent and vote on behalf of two IOPC projects if no other members exist, but this is discouraged and will be phased out ASAP.

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