Co-op Barn-raiser

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Date(s) - 05/08/2016
12:00 am - 5:00 pm

53rd Street Midtown Manhattan


How can “engagement” become less about extracting user’s eyeballs, and more about building better livelihoods?

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As e-commerce evolves into the Internet of Everything, many online platforms and organizing campaigns believe engagement should do more than extract time, money, or eyeballs. But when it comes to “how,” their attempts to design and campaign feel more like commerce than democracy.

Anyone excited about better engagement can learn a lot from the co-op movement – and possibly become some kind of co-op, too! Cooperatives create and share value, together. They often emerge when markets fail. Many co-ops work well in times of recession, especially for exploited and under-served populations.

Better engagement with co-ops is possible, but it takes practice to it right!

Our 2nd Co-op Barn-Raiser is a workshop on better engagement.

We’ll have fun, food, and hands-on learning with new frameworks with other people in tech, law, and finance who are curious about and exploring co-ops.

Here are juicy details:

We’ll focus on three projects–
* is a local homecooked meals platform that is creating new cooperative arrangements to share ownership with its chefs
* is a peer-to-peer outdoor sports equipment rental platform (and youth program) that is looking at how a multi-stakeholder cooperative to engage users as owners
* is a platform cooperatives directory website that is exploring how it might help grow the larger #platformcoop ecosystem

(Want to include your project, too? Great! Sign up at

Brunch and coffee generously provided by
* Arizmendi Bakery Lakeshore
* Mandela Foods Co-op
* Bicycle Coffee Co

Hosting our event is
* The Citizen Engagement Lab, 1330 Broadway, Suite 300, Oakland

Special guests include
* Nathan Schneider, co-organizer of and professor at CU Boulder
* You?!

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